Month Date Event Place Area Who Visits

January 4 Panama Panama City LAC LB

February 8 to 12 Masonic Week (RARA on 8th) Crystal City LB, JH, ST, LG
18 to 21 Grand Masters Conference Omaha, NE LB, JH, ST, LG
25 Hawaii Sessions Honolulu SW
24 to 26 Alabama Sessions Birmingham, AL SE JH

March 2 to 4 New Jersey Sessions Toms River, NJ NE JH
2 to 4 New York Sessions Albany, NY NE LB
2 to 4 Alaska Sessions Anchorage, AK NW Beck
2 to 5 Louisiana Sessions Alexandria, LA SC ST
3 Paraguay Sessions Ascension, Paraguay LAC or 2/24/17 Ostrander
3 to 4 Greece Sessions Athens, Greece EUR Raiola
8 Cyprus Sessions EUR Panos
9 to 11 Arkansas Sessions N. Littlerock, AR SC JH
10 to 11 Delaware Sessions Wilmington, DE NE ST
10 to 11 Portugal Sessions Lisbon, Portugal EUR Raiola
10 to 11 East Central York Rite Conference Louisville, KY EC LB
12 to 14 South Carolina Sessions Myrtle Beach SE ST
17 to 18 District of Columbia Sessions Washington, D.C. NE Fricks
19 to 21 North Carolina Sessions Greensboro, NC SE LB
Mar/Apr 28/1 Kansas Sessions Topeka, KS SC JH
Mar/Apr 31/1 Rhode Island Warrick NW LB

April 6 to 7 Nebraska Sessions Kearney, NE LB, 150th Anniv.
6 to 8 Oregon Sessions North Bend, OR NW ST
6 to 8 New Mexico Sessions Albuquerque, NM SW JH
7 to 8 Indiana Sessions Gary EC Inscho
15 to 16 Grand Encampment Easter Multi JH
20 to 22 Idaho Sessions Boise, ID NW ST
21 to 22 North Dakota Sessions Grand Forks, ND NC Burlison
21 to 22 CBCS Phoenix, AZ
21 to 22 Austria Sessions Graz, Austria EUR JH
22 Australia Sessions Victoria, Australia LB
23 Maine Sessions Bar Harbor NE Fricks
27 to 29 Oklahoma Sessions Norman SW ST
April 28 to 29 Manitoba Sessions Winnipeg, Manitoba NC JH
Apr/May 30/1 Georgia Sessions Macon, GA SE Wermann

May 13 New Hampshire Sessions Concord, NH NE Fricks
5 to 7 Italy Sessions Rimini EUR LB
6 Wisconsin Sessions Milwaukee, WI NC Burlison
11 to 14 Washington Sessions Wenatchee, WA NW LB
12 to 13 Alberta Sessions Camrose, Alberta NW ST
14 Utah Sessions Salt Lake City, UT SW Bendure
18 to 20 Mississippi Sessions SE ST
21 to 23 California Sessions Bakersfield, CA SW JH
21 to 24 Florida Sessions SE LB
26 to 27 Saskatchewan Sessions Saskatoon, Saskatchewan NC Burlison

June 1 to 3 Montana Sessions Lewiston NW Beck
2 to 3 Connecticut Sessions Meriden, CT NE ST
7 Missouri Sessions Jefferson City, MO EC Williams
5 to 10 Romania AMD Bucharest, Romania EUR ST
8 to 10 UGIC, RCC Pasadena, CA JH
9 to 11 Grand Chapter of Mexico Moreia, Michoacan LAN LB
11 to 12 Vermont Sessions Killington, VT NE Fricks
14 Nevada Sessions Reno, NV SW ST
15 to 17 DeMolay International Buffalo, NY LB
16 to 17 South East YR Conference Melbourne, FL SE JH
23 to 24 Minnesota Sessions St. Cloud, MN NC Burlison
24 CBCS Dallas, TX LB
29 to 1Jul Togo Sessions Lome EUR ST

July 8 to 11 Summer Assembly Maggie Valley, NC LB, JH, ST, LG
14 Illinois Sessions EC JH
27 to 29 Central American Conference Panama City, Panama LAN LB

August 2 to 5 YRSCNA Dallas/Ft. Worth Aprt (DFW) ST
10 Michigan Sessions EC LB
10 to 12 Arizona Mesa, AZ SW ST
11 to 12 Iowa Sessions Des Moines, IA NC Deputy
18 to 22 Scottish Rite Southern Jurisdiction Washington, D.C. LB
23 to 29 Triennial Jantzen Beach, OR LB, JH, ST, LG
27 to 29 Scottish Rite Northern Jurisdiction Rochester, NY

September 7 to 9 Colorado Sessions Denver, CO NW JH
8 NE York Rite Conference Albany, NY NE ST
14 to 16 South Dakota Sessions Sioux Falls, SD NC ST
14 to 17 Wyoming Sessions Gillette, WY NW GGS
15 to 17 South Central YR Conference St. Louis, MO SC JH
17 to 20 Kentucky Sessions Lexington, KY EC DGGHP
October 12 to 14 Northwest York Rite Conference Boise, ID NW GGS
15 to 16 CRFF Laughlin, NV SW
20 to 21 Philippine Sessions Manila, Philippines FE DGGHP
27 to 28 North Central York Rite Conference Sioux Falls, SD NC GGS
28 Maryland Sessions Ocean City, MD NE ST
November 3 to 4 Southwest York Rite Conference Las Vegas, NV SW JH
15 to 16? Brazil Sessions Not known now LAS EDH
December 1 to 2 France Sessions & GLNF Paris, France EUR JH