Please be assured that every possible care is being taken to provide the best protection for the safety and security of our guests. The Triennial Committee and the hotel continue to work diligently to ensure that plans represent what will be done to keep our guests and the community safe in compliance with federal, state, and city criteria as set forth by public health experts. The following provisions are being made to protect our guests:
Social distancing will be practiced while standing in lines, using escalators, elevators or while moving around the hotel property. No more than four (4) guests will be allowed per elevator. Elevator button panels will be sanitized on regular intervals.
Restaurant tables and other physical layouts will be arranged to ensure appropriate distancing.
Hand sanitizing dispensers will be placed in key guest entrances or contact areas such as driveways, reception areas, hotel lobbies, restaurant entrances, meeting and convention space, elevator and escalator landings with hand lotion being provided in guestrooms.
Health and hygiene reminders will be displayed throughout the hotel space as determined by state health depart guidelines.
Guest arrival: A lobby ambassador will be present to greet each guest. All visitors and guests will be asked to use hand sanitizer and to wear a mask (which will be provided from the hotel) .
                Guests will enter the hotel through doors that are either propped open, are automatic or opened by a hotel associate.
                Hotel associates will not open any car doors for arriving guests. Those guests requesting bell service will be assisted and the cart will be sanitized after each guest is assisted. Valet services are suspended until further notice for your protection.
                Each guest will receive an amenity bag during check-in containing masks, hand sanitizer, and a COVID 19 awareness card.
Guest rooms: Industry leading chemicals and sanitizing protocols are used to clean guest rooms with particular attention paid to high tough contact surfaces or items.
                All bed linen will be serviced on the third day to be washed in high temperature solutions.
                Housekeeping will provide bathroom terry and amenities upon request through touchless service.
                Guests will be asked to bag the bathroom terry in bags provided by the hotel and place it in the corridor. Fresh towels will be delivered in a sealed bag and placed outside the guestroom. Bath amenities will also be delivered in a sealed bag and placed outside the guestroom.
                All hotel employees will be screened and have their temperature taken at the beginning of each shift and will be required to wear appropriate PPE including masks and gloves.

The decision has been made by the General grand Chapter Royal Arch Masons International to meet in person at the Triennial. Although we recognize that the current pandemic will deter and reduce our numbers, it is a time-honored opportunity for our Companions to enjoy fellowship, friendship as well as the ability to greet old friends and make new ones. The Masonic Fraternity is founded on the association of like-minded men coming together to make a difference in today's world. We do not believe that the current rush to do business via electronic platforms or programs meets this desire to be in one another's presence.
Obviously, common sense needs to apply. Do I attend or not? Only you know the answer.
You know your age, your overall general health, any medical issues which would make you less immune, any mobility or transportation concerns If you have any doubts, we asked you to stay home, stay safe and not come. Although your attendance will be missed, we value you more as a just and upright Royal Arch Mason making a real difference where you reside.
This decision was not easily reached and every option was explored and will continue to be monitored as time goes by. A spike or increase of infections in Louisville or within Kentucky, which would mandate a shut down or tighter restrictions, would force us to cancel the Triennial Convocation toward the end of August or the first part of September. Please continue to watch the website yrtriennial2020.com for up to date information on this event.