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Royal Arch Masons, International

A Gift for a Gift Program, August, 2013 Flyer
    Frequently we are overwhelmed with requests for contributions for one good cause or another. Many are worthwhile and important and most are worthy of our contribution; however, now we have the opportunity to receive something to benefit our Masonic bodies directly in return. No, not lapel pins, address labels, calendars, pens, or other unsolicited items that may or may not be needed, but something truly useful to your Lodge, Chapter, Council or Commandery!
    The Board of Directors of ROYAL ARCH RESEARCH ASSISTANCE has introduced the Gift for a Gift program. Through the generous contribution of Companion Steven Monrotus, Past Grand High Priest of Missouri, a renowned organist in his own right, three excellent musical discs are now available for a special contribution of only $150. Each of these discs has been provided with, and includes, appropriate music for many Masonic ceremonial occasions. There are patriotic tunes as well as music for the opening, and closing of a Masonic body. There are incidental tunes and processionals to include hymns and other appropriate tunes.
     The Masonic Fraternity has been blessed with many great composers and many great musical pieces which have added so much over the years to all of our ritualistic work. Few Lodges or other Masonic groups, however, retain individuals or working instruments able to reproduce these desired sounds to accompany our beloved degree work. Although there are numerous musical discs, or discs sets available with the appropriate music recorded on them, they are not arranged in a convenient manner nor are they timed to fit the lengths available to match our ritual. All recordings on these discs are of short duration (maximum 2:00 minutes) so as to be able to comfortably apply them to the ceremony being presented. An enclosed set of notes serves as a guide for use of these individual tracks.
     We offer this to you and we ask you to consider making these CD's available as a gift to your Lodge, your Chapter, your Council or your Commandery or other Masonic group by a contribution to Royal Arch Research Assistance for this great Masonic working tool. We all know how much music adds to our ceremonies and this is your opportunity to step forward and make a difference in the ritualistic ceremony with one or more of these special Masonic music gifts. Here is a way you can leave your legacy to so many with your generosity by participating in the new Gift for a Gift program for Royal Arch Research Assistance.
GIFT FOR GIFT send your check to:
Royal Arch Research Assistance
PO Box 128,
Greenfield, IN 46140-0128.
      Thank you your tax deductible contribution to Royal Arch Research Assistance and for your continued support of research in Central Auditory Processing Disorders.

The Board of Directors for Royal Arch Research Assistance: Louis E. Bartrand, President
James H. Hodge, 1st Vice President
Steven G. Tiner, 2nd Vice President
Larry E. Gray, Secretary
Board Members:
Dr. Paul Chello
Sid Leluan
Bill Riggs

Companions: A few things have been changed since our last update on Royal Arch Research Assistance. Dr. Frank Muziek is now heading our CAPD efforts at the University of Arizona. He completed his move in October 2014 and will now have more PhD researchers than at his previous location at the University of Connecticut. He has sponsored international symposiums on CAPD and has put increased emphasis on trying to determine its cause. We continue to assist the Hearing Health Foundation by sponsoring four researchers in CAPD. We have also committed to $1,000,000 with Autism Speaks in an effort to correlate signs of CAPD in Toddlers (ages 12 - 36 months) who have Autism.

Interest in CAPD has increased once again since our new emphasis in supporting these three organizations. So in our efforts to support these efforts we ask you to:
1. Send all contributions to Royal Arch Research Assistance, P. O. Box 128, Greenfield, IN 46140.
2. To assist in Public Relations and fund raising we have three regional representatives. They are:
a. MEC Jerry Wohlfarth, from California and General Grand Treasurer, will assist in the western region, both North and South. He may be contacted at: Telephone - 760-685-3370 or email: jerrywohlf@cox.net.
b. REC and Dr. John W. Siscel III, from Missouri, will assist in the central regions (North, East and South Central). He may be contact at: Telephone - 314-608-6005 or email: drsiscel@yahoo.com. He will also help create public relations projects and be the chairman for these three officers.
c. MEC Robert J. Bean, Sr., from South Carolina, will assist in the eastern region, both North and South. His telephone is: 843-407-7389 or email: beanbob@aol.com.

New handouts have been prepared and are available through the General Grand Secretary. Please assure that you have an ample supply on hand to be able to hand out on any and all occasions.
If you have any questions in the furtherance of this program please contact Louis E. Bartrand.
Sincerely and fraternally,
Louis E. Bartrand
General Grand High Priest
(H) 360-679-3403

Royal Arch Research Assistance, Inc.
c/o: MEC Larry E. Gray
P.O. Box 128
Greenfield, IN 46140-0128