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General Grand Chapter of Royal Arch Masons International | August 2018 eNewsletter
General Grand Chapter of Royal Arch Masons International
Our mission is to represent Royal Arch Masonry to the world in its highest tradition and heritage and to help member Chapters and Grand Chapters to fulfill the obligation of all Royal Arch Masons to spread further light in Masonry

Welcome to the August issue of our new eNewsletter!

Welcome to the August 2018 issue of the General Grand Chapter of Royal Arch Masons International's monthly enewsletter We hope you enjoy the messages, comments and opinions, articles and links we are providing you as a benefit of being a member of the General Grand Chapter!

Wisdom from our General Grand High Priest

Dear Companions,

We continue to be blessed with a great number of individuals who give of their time, talent and abilities as they work together to improve Royal Arch Masonry. They have come together as participants in an awesome team effort to advance the craft. This effort is truly appreciated by your elected General Grand Officers.

Should many others wish to aid and assist in this wonderful opportunity you can do so by becoming more involved in your local chapters, your Grand Chapter and or being involved with the General Grand Chapter. Please contact any of our General Grand Chapter officers as to how you can be involved and participate in this awesome opportunity.

Musings from the General Grand King

I enjoyed visiting the Grand Chapter of Arizona this month. It's a state with a great Masonic heritage. And, it's a state of pyramids. Wait. Egypt is known for pyramids, right? Not Arizona. Well, think again. Arizona has her own set of pyramids. Of course, the letter A in Arizona, is itself, a pyramid. But, I'm thinking of two prominent burial sites, a former new age shop, and a church. Le's look at some of Arizona's pyramids!

General Grand Scribe's Scribbles

This month of August will mark the first year mark of the current Triennial of the General Grand Chapter Royal Arch Masons International, which seems to have flown by quickly since our last meeting in Portland OR on August 29, 2018. These past few months have been very productive months, having worked side by side with a very dedicated leadership team of Companions who care deeply about the welfare and the future viability of our great Institution.

It is a pleasure to be part of this very dedicated team assembled around our General Grand High Priest MWB James Hodge, from the elected officers to each one of the appointed line of officers, Deputy General Grand Priests, several Past Grand officers and the ambassadors within the country and throughout the world.

The GGCRAMI committees are hard at work, each having met at least once during the year to assess the amount of work required of them. Your General Grand Chapter team during the first year has set the stage for all of us to get on the same page with a clear vision and mission statement, a communication plan, and a sound development plan, helping each one to reach our common goals.

Other News of Interest

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